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By donating and becoming an NSOA member, you help us provide free, quality music performances and education.

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Our Mission

Northland Symphony Orchestra Association

The Northland Symphony Orchestra Association provides access to performing arts through free community concerts, educational opportunities for area young musicians, and performing opportunities for community musicians. We are committed to connecting our community to arts performances as well as giving student, community, and professional musicians playing opportunities.

Northland Symphony Orchestra

The Northland Symphony Orchestra, whose membership consists of professional, student and community musicians, offers high quality orchestral performances that are accessible and free of charge to the greater Kansas City area.  Furthermore, we are committed to providing educational opportunities for local young musicians, which will instill in them an appreciation of the arts and a recognition of the arts’ importance within our diverse community.

Youth Ensembles

The purpose of the youth ensembles is to provide educational and artistic opportunities to young musicians which may not be available to them elsewhere.