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The Northland Symphony Youth Orchestra (formerly the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Kansas City) was founded in the Fall of 1997 by James Murray III & Paul Cooper. The purpose is to provide an educational and artistic experience in a full orchestra ensemble for young musicians. It’s all about having fun while learning about and making great music.

The NYO performs three concerts a season, as well as participating in special performance opportunities. Some of those opportunities have included performances at the rededication of the Liberty Memorial and the Great Kansas City Japan Festival. The orchestra has also commissioned and premiered works by local composers.

After twenty seasons, the organization decided to expand and create the Northland Symphony Youth Sinfonia (formerly the Metropolitan Youth Sinfonia). The NYS provides an educational and artistic experience for younger students. It is to provide developing young players an opportunity to explore their musical ability and to grow their musical talent and leadership skills.

In 2018, NYO/NYS joined the Northland Symphony Orchestra as part of the Northland Symphony Orchestra Association.

NEW IN 2023 – The Northland Symphony Orchestra Association is proud to present its newest youth ensemble – the Youth Saxophone Ensemble. This group will start meeting in performing in the spring of 2023, with its first full season starting in the fall of 2023.